Epilogue is an innovative television format made with direct testimonies from leading figures in our political, cultural, sporting, financial and social history. The peculiarity of Epilogue, which makes it a unique program, is the undertaking that the interview cannot be broadcast until the person interviewed has died. This undertaking, which is signed between both parties, makes each of the instalments an exceptional testimony, an authentic audiovisual legacy from each guest. The result has unquestionable value from the point of view of current issues (the person’s death always returns him to the foreground in the media) and also as regards audiovisual memory (the testimonies make up a highly valuable visual archive for the future).


The critic Carlos Boyero, along with his guest, analyzes and evaluates the week’s new films, and also gives his opinion on the most notable fiction series on national television. Boyero’s voice leaves no one indifferent and he is followed by countless Internet users.


Daily educational program about the programming of the Digital+ multichannel platform.

Director of informative programs dealing with culture, film and television.