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Los mundos de Yupi was a children’s television series broadcast in Spain by Channel 1 of Televisón Española between 18th April 1988 and March 1991. The program replaced Sesame Street and its format was identical. The main characters in the series were Yupi and Astrako, a pair of aliens reminiscent of the characters in the Spanish Sesame Street, Espinete and Don Pimpon. Other characters who appeared in the series were the puppets (in the style of Jim Henson’s Muppets) Stiri and Gro, the scientists Pi and Tágoras and the pair Tuco and Canica.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Director of the children’s program “Los mundos de Yupi” (based on the popular program “Sesame Street”) in which there were different kinds of dramatic representation, such as puppets, cartoon and theatrical fiction, and whose educational objective revolved around entertainment.