1. “Whoever arrives at a peak feels drawn by the bottom of an abyss.” Dostoyevsky

  2. A young man with suicidal instincts starts to be rehabilitated when he comes into contact with elderly people. He has accepted the challenge of being a part time attendant thanks to the therapeutic ultimatum of an old retired aviator who is looking for the perfect cliff for his son, a high diver. The son has promised to dive into the sea, into open water, virgin territory, far away from swimming pools, in order to experience new sensations. The first of them, to reverse the course of events that have cut short so many lives, especially on the chosen cliff, symbol of many suicides.


  1. Hidden behind the veil of cosmetics is a woman’s soul, whose beauty is ageless

  2. Against the background of a tough economic crisis, a young unemployed engineer who is receiving medical treatment for impotence develops a passion for a mature woman, a waitress and occasional model whom he draws as therapy, leading to his cure.


  1. El Confesor” looks at the figure of the priest from the perspective of mystery. As is natural, our protagonist deals with not only confessions but also with events in which he becomes involved with the flag of the Gospel, seeking to give a response to himself and others. It is known that a priest’s personality, molded by faith, offers a slightly particular but powerful attraction for being deciphered in a television fiction. I insist on the word mystery because the very condition of the religious man determines that. Being the mediator between the human and the divine has its consequences. It gives rise to an enigmatic behavior shaken by a disconcerting vibration that many of us experience on occasions. A path that can only be traveled with the manifest power that is born from the belief in God or in the reasonable doubt of his existence.


  1. There is only one path left for the cure.

  2. “El Fermento” is a reflection on the pain suffered by man when he emigrates, and it is also an endorsement of the coexistence of different cultures and religions in a world strewn with beliefs and myths. The trigger for this story is the spiritual force of a foreign woman, forced into prostitution, who can ease the suffering of the sick and dying.

Scriptwriter for cinema and television

The script is a guide that is rearranged countless times until the word Action! is shouted.